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Review of Indian Food Tours in Delhi

“Excellent way to discover Delhi as foodie!” I had high expectations for this tour! I found the price a little high before, but it is totally worth it! It was not a problem for them that 2 other friends joined us on the tour. We were picked up in an airconditioned car by Jaidev who already provided us with his knowledge about the city. Raj took over when we arrived in old Delhi. We used all our senses: see, smell, taste… Try to eat less as possible that day, because everything we tried was so good and tasty. I think we have eaten tasty tasty 10/15 dishes at 5/6 different places – places you wouldn’t know if you weren’t living in Delhi! I still pity that I couldn’t finnish the last food – I still dream about that delicious lambchop 🙂 As well as the mango icecream, milkshake, fruitsandwich, kebab, lentil samosa… The list is unlimited… Raj and Jaidev are really friendly and acknowledged. So if you want a good organized food tour in Delhi with well informed guides and go to the food places who have all this amazing platters, go with Jaidev and Raj and be converted to Foodism. I go again if I am back in Delhi 🙂 #cookingclass #foodwalks #tourism #foodtour #india #food #delhi #travel #cooking
from Jodhpur Food Tour
Review of Indian Food Tours in Delhi


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