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Review of Indian Food Tours in Delhi

““Cook with a chef!” Being a ‘foodie’ and loving to cook, I searched for a different kind of tour in Delhi. I found it in this cooking class. The class is offered in both a vegetarian and no vegetarian basis, The class was held at the Chef’s home which made it small and personable (I was the only student.). The chef, Raj, introduced me to the spices typically used in Indian cuisine and then it was time to cook. Donned in aprons we began with pakora (potato, cauliflower, onion), chutney, and masala chai tea. After sampling our ‘firsts’ we moved to creating the main meal. During this time (hands on) we cooked with potatoes, eggplant, okra, rice creating marvelous taste sensations. Raj was both patient and continually stressed that we cook to our own tastes (so don’t worry about making food that is too spivey or too bland). We also created a simple halwa for dessert. While I enjoyed cooking, I enjoyed eating our creations even more. At the end of the class, Raj presented me a packet of each of the spices we had cooked with during the class so that the dishes could be replicated at home. Raj indicated that the recipes were available on-line on the company’s website (but it might have been nice to have copies available during cooking in order to make notes on).

Booking this class was easy. The response was quick and informative. The price quoted was exactly the price charged. Transportation was arranged (1100 rupees/ about $18 USD) clean and smoke-free vehicle and was well worth the cost.

I would recommend this class if you enjoy cooking. I would do it again. Raj also indicated that the company is starting multi-day, multi-city cooking/food tours which would also be interesting. This might be something to consider in the future as I enjoyed my day with Indian Food Tours in Delhi.” #foodtour #foodwalk #tourism #india #food #delhi #travel #cooking #cookingclass
from Jodhpur Food Tour
Review of Indian Food Tours in Delhi


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