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Review of Indian Food Tours in Delhi

““Memorable !” Out of all the things that we managed to do in India, which includes 5 sightseeing tours, 1 jungle safari, activities like boat rides, aurvedic detox and just lazing around, this food tour was the most enjoyable and exciting one. We had booked this tour a month in advance and did this day day we reached New Delhi. After pickup from hotel, we visited Connaught Place and had some really good milkshakes and pastries. Then we were taken to a hospital for birds !! I’ve seen a lot of veterinary clinics, but a temple which is also a hospital for birds was a completely new thing. After that, we walked in Chandani Chowk lanes and ate some delicious fried potatoes, a very sweet crunchy dish and drank some lassi to wash it down. Then it was time for a visit to another temple which serves free food to thousands of poor people every single day free of cost !! The temple was full of volunteers from all walks of society trying to do their bit to help the needy. Then we rode a rikshaw to the spice market which was very crowded. In the market we had to cover our noses with wet wipes because of so many spices and chillies. The variety of spices and dry fruits available there was bewildering. After spice market we rode rikshaw again to visit some more food joints and had the best traditional Indian ice creams,cookies, samosa, a different type of lassi and fried Indian breads called poori with spicy curry. In the meanwhile our guide Rajeev gave us detailed explanation about all the old mansions, shops and bazaars that we passed on our way.After covering Chandani chowk, we then got back in to our car beating all the pedestrians, rikshaw, scooters and cars in our way. After walking out of temple, we had a thing called gol gappa which is a hollow wheat ball filled with spiced water, potatoes, grams and sauce. Difficult to eat but delicious !!

By this time, we were feeling pretty much full, even though we had only small portions to eat. So Rajeev drove us to India Gate monument for a short walk. After spending 15-20 minutes there, we drove to a food joint where we ate our meal on boot of the car. It was more like a feast rather than a meal with 4 different meat dishes including the famous the best ever butter chicken, breads of all shapes and sizes, kebabs, salads, chutney and daal. Our stomachs were feeling really full, but mind wasn’t. I wished I could eat more, even though I was stuffed up to my throat. We ended the tour at that point and were driven to our hotel to end this really marvellous day. The food was excellent and unlike all the Indian food that we’ve had anywhere else, The overall tour experience was also very good with a great guide, really offbeat and hard to find places and convenience of an air-conditioned car for pickup and drop. For the price, it was the best thing we did in India.” #cookingclass #foodtours #tourism #india #foodwalk #food #delhi #travel #cooking
from Jodhpur Food Tour
Review of Indian Food Tours in Delhi


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