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Jodhpur Food Tour

Food Tours in Udaipur are the best way of exploring this royal city and it’s delicious cuisine. Each food tour is an optimal combination of the most popular food available in Udaipur and the most famous as well as hidden sights of the city which most people usually miss. The food walks/food tours can begin in morning or afternoon depending upon conditions like preferences of guests, weather etc and usually last for 6-7 hours inclusive of pickup and drop from most locations in Udaipur. For more serious foodies, cooking classes or demos are the next step in their culinary journeys. Udaipur Food Tour offers custom cooking demos and classes which are led by qualified chefs. Each class has limited amount of seats and small group sizes are preferred.
The chefs teach their students the proper way to use ingredients and spices in Indian cooking, so that the guests can prepare the authentic Indian food almost anywhere with minimum ingredients and effort.Prior experience of cooking is not required, but is highly desirable. The guests can learn to make anything from simple Daal (lentils) to specialised delicacies like Laal Maas and much more. Duration of these cooking classes vary from a short cooking demo of 4 hours for people short on time toy and 7-8 hours for full day class. Prices for these start from INR 6000 (US $ 100) for a single student to INR 4500 (US $ 75) for each extra student. If needed, pickup and drop is provided from certain areas in Udaipur, but may be chargeable according to distance.

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